Monday, August 31, 2009

The paintings are starting to look very abstract. This is a good thing. I will be at the Welcome Institute this week for more images/research. I would like to do some larger pictures of human sacrifices. When new work is finished you will be able to see it on the saatchi online website. Will keep you posted.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

new beginnings

This week in the studio has been one of discovery after a long while of indecision. I can feel I am teetering on the edge of something which i am about to put everything i have into. I am looking at the images of dead bodies, totum poles, shrunken heads, gods everyday, (I keep a large book with cuttings around) instinctively moving over each one. The images are now abstract shapes to me and have become a box of objects to be tried on. All of a sudden there seems to be ten, fifteen paintings looking back at me. There is a fantastic sense of suffocation. I am having a love affair with them, but a sadistic one, manipulating and changing them only to realise I have destroyed them and they go in the bin. This for me is the hardest part of being an artist, this sense of destruction versus momentary satisfaction so brief but so triumphant it keeps you there working, perhaps longer than you should have. But I am going to get on with this new chapter and see where it takes me.

Will write again soon to let you know how its going and get some pictures up soon too.

By the way I have some new monoprints and etchings now available on the web through Other Criteria

in the meanwhile here are some pictures to keep you going til next time xxx