Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Old English poem

Eggs and Marrowbone 
(A traditional folk song from the UK)

There was an old woman in our town
In our town did dwell
She loved her husband dearly
But another man twice as well

She went down to the doctor
To see what she could find
To see what she could find, Sir
To make her old man blind.

"Feed him eggs and marrowbone
And feed them to him all,
And that will make him so darned blind
He can't see you at all."

So she fed him eggs and marrowbone
Fed them to him all,
And that did make him so darned blind
He couldn't see her at all

"So now I'm getting old and blind
And tired of my life
So I'll go and drown myself
And that will end my strife"
"To drown yourself," said she, said she,
"Now that would be a sin.
So I'll go down to the river's edge
And kindly push you in."

The old woman took a running jump
To push her old man in.
The old man he just stepped aside
And the woman she fell in.

She yelled for help, she screamed for help;
Loudly she did bawl.
The old man said "I'm so gol-darned blind
I can't see you at all!"

So she swam along, swam along,
Till she came to the river's brim.
The old man got a great long pole
And pushed her further in.

Now the old woman is dead and gone
And the Devil has got her soul.
Wasn't she a blamed old fool
That she didn't grab that pole?  

Eating eggs and marrowbone
Won't make your old man blind;
So if you want to do him in
Just creep up from behind.

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